3D, 4D or 6D Brows 3D means that the brows tattoo artist is using three ink shades or needles to draw many hair strokes with depth. The same applies with 4D and 6D.

Color Correction

Working on the non-virgin skin is not appealing to brow artists because drawing over old ink can cause unexpected results. Many brows tattoo artists will not want to work on you if it’s not your first time, and you should be prepared to pay more for color correction. Masking blurring and discoloration is a real pain and hence the high costs.


Microblading and embroidery mean the same thing.


This is a method that uses shading and hair strokes technique. Feathering is used on those with little natural hairs and the application is carried out using a digital pen.

Hair Strokes

This is done by injecting separate hairs to bulk up the natural hairs. This method gives a natural look.

Micro Strokes

A fine needle is used to draw each hair stroke with varying width. For the best result, start thin, get a little thicker and end with thin lines again. 

Powder Fill

This is an outdated technique that is used to mimic made-up brows. It works for people with brow hair but wants a fuller look. This process lacks the definition of individual hair strokes.