There are a lot of things that you can learn from makeup artists such as every product has a secret use. For instance, you can use lipstick on your cheeks as blush. Eyeliner can be used to fill sparse brows and you can pat eyeshadow on your lips. This list is endless.

We have one more, eye cream for your lips; this sounds unbelievable but it really works.

Here’s why it works; the skin around the eyes is subtle just like your lips. This is the area where wrinkles start to show. The lips don’t have sebaceous glands that moisturize the rest of the face. This is where eye cream comes into play- it has numerous active ingredients that increase the volume, smoothen, improves definition, and hydrates to minimize and prevent the formation of fine lines.

You can opt for an anti-aging lip cream but if you are curious and ambitious, give this one a try…we know you want to. There is no reason not to try this treatment as eye creams are 100 percent safe. The next time that you are applying eye cream for your eyelids and under eyes, save some for your lips and you will see impressive results in the long run.